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For the past 10 years, Katzmeow Bengals has proudly and consistently produced healthy and beautiful short haired (standard) bengal kittens.  However, we have shifted our focus toadd Charcoal and Charcoal cashmere bengals.  It has taken almost 4 years to incorporate the beautiful LH gene (recessive) to our program.  

We currently have silver & brown spotted kittens available!  We have short hair (traditional) and long hair (cashmere) bengal kittens.

Our next and final litter for 2018 will not be due until fall.  We are very excited about our cashmere and snow program.  We should be producing Charcoal Snow Cashmere kittens along with our standard short haired bengals.  

If we do not have what you are looking for we do have several reputable breeders we can refer you to.  We only refer breeders that we ourselves would purchase a kitten from.  Email me and I can try to provide you with the names of ethical breeders in your area that I know of.


KatzMeowBengals is an FeLV/FIV screened cattery.  All of our cats are PK-D, HCM, & PRA tested.  We are members in good standing with The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). We got our first bengal from Melody and began our breeding program in 2008. 

Our kittens come with the following:  TICA and/or CFA registration, age appropriate vaccinations, current vet check-up, de-wormed, written health guarantee, new kitten starter pack with a sample of their food, litter, and toys.

We feed our kittens a top quality diet.  We grind fresh chicken along with organs and nutrients (Including vitamins) We've been raw feeding for the past decade with great results.  One of the biggest advantages of feeding raw is the litterbox.  We no longer have the horrible smell caused by low quality/grain filled kibble.  That being said, we do incorporate a high quality grain free kibble so that they can be easily fed at their new homes.  We do not expect every client to grind their own cat food, but today it is commercially available everywhere.

Each kitten will be individually examined by our vet (Middle Valley Animal Hospital) at least once before leaving our home.  This exam includes a physical and a fecal test.  Kittens sold as pets will come to you already altered and microchipped.  We always stand behind our kittens and will always be available to our clients for questions and/or advice.  The well being of our babies is very important.  We love getting updates and pictures of our babies in their new forever homes.

Pricing for pets range 
from $1200 to $2500.

Show kittens are priced from $2500 to $3500.
We will occasionally offer kittens for breeding on a selective basis and with some restrictions.  Breeding kittens are priced from $3000-$4500.

Older kittens are usually priced lower to help get them placed in their new homes.

If you are interested in a particular (pet) kitten, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold that kitten.  The non-refundable deposit for show/breeder kittens is $750.  We will mark your kitten as sold-pending payment until we receive your deposit.  Your deposit assures that the kitten you choose will not be sold to anyone else.  The deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of your new kitten.

We would rather sell our kittens as pampered pets or show kittens as opposed to selling kittens for the purpose of breeding.  Every now and then we may produce a spectacular example of the breed and those kittens could become available for breeding purposes.

We'd prefer that you come pick your kitten up in person as we don't like the stress that can occur with the shipping of one of our babies.  If you are within an acceptable driving distance, we will meet you half way to deliver your new baby.  We meet many people in the Atlanta area in particular.  If flying is absolutely the only way to get your kitten to you, we have a courier who will hand deliver your kitten to the closest airport to your home when necessary.  Our pets are treated as our children and we will not ship a cat or kitten in the cargo area of a plane.  The kitten will fly in-cabin with our courier.  You may also fly in round trip to pick your kitten up in person.  Shipping in the US is around $400.  I am also sometimes available to drive and hand deliver your kitten to you for the cost of the trip.

 For your convenience, we do accept PayPal and all Major Credit Cards.  If using PayPal or credit cards for your deposit please include 4% to cover fees.  The final payment is due 2 weeks prior to picking up your new kitten.

We also accept Fb payment and Venmo

Email or call for more information:




I answer emails and text messages very promptly.  

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